Installation of MightyCal

Prerequisites: You must have a working installation of Zope (2.4 or higher) and Tomcat (version 4 or higher) or a compatible Servlet Environment. See and for information on installing these packages.

To install the backend Zope Product:
1) Download mightycal-backend-releaseXXX.tgz
2) Change directory to your Zope installation's Product directory (e.g. 'cd $ZOPE_ROOT/lib/python/Products')
3) Untar the Mightycal tarball ('tar xzf /[download-dir]/mightycal-backend-releaseXXX.tgz')
4) Stop and restart Zope
5) Go to your Zope administration interface and use the "Add Product" dropdown list to add an instance of the MightyCal product (The name you give this is called the "Instance Name")
6) Click on the new MightyCal instance in your Zope admin display, and go to the Calendars subfolder. Add at least one Calendar.
7) Go to the EventTypeRegistry and add at least one EventType.
8) You are now ready to start adding events.

To install the frontend Cocoon product:
1) Download mightycal-frontend-releaseXXX.war and move to your $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps directory
2) Go to your webapps directory and execute "jar xf mightycal-frontend-releaseXXX.war". Then delete or move the .war file.
3) Edit the sitemap.xml file and change "localhost:8000" to point to the servername and port on which your Zope frontend is running.
4) Stop and restart Tomcat
3) The URL to use to see your basic calendar's List View will be "http://[your-tomcat-servername:port]/mightycal/[Backend-instance-name]/[Calendar-name]/List-View.standard.html

The resulting page will be extremely basic... you will need to edit the Display Templates for your calendar in the Zope backend.